Industrial Communication

Industry 4.0


Programming industrial plants is the key. often very complex technical relationships. Our didactic systems will help you find yours To provide students with the appropriate know-how. Our program covers almost all areas of Automation technology. The modular structure of our Systems ensures maximum flexibility and offers You the possibility of customized systems to configure, optimally tailored to 

1. Your individual budget 
2. Your very special didactic needs 
3. Any existing system components
EuroInTech VR: 

Virtual Reality as a fascinating alternative With EuroInTech VR we can now offer you a completely new one Present the dimension of our didactic systems. Our VR enables the perfect display even of the most complex Industrial plants on the computer screen. Including all functional processes. With our VR your students experience fascinating technology like a computer game. Realized by a particularly powerful Software that contains all commands and commands Real-time. Opt for the 2D or the 3D variant. Or for a combination of real ones Training models and VR. You have the choice!